Candy Cigarettes Banned


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December 27, 2012:
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Candy Cig Ban Not New:

North Dakota banned Candy Cigarettes from 1953 until 1967. In Canada, candy cigarette packaging can't resemble real brands. They are illegal in Saudi Arabia, Finland, Turkey, Ireland, and Norway..

Are Candy Cigarettes Illegal In Your Area

Not Sold in Supermarkets, Convenience Stores.

Candy cigarettes are not available for sale in many states and municipalities. Most famously, St. Paul Minnesota has outlawed these vintage candies for fear that they are the gateway to smoking. In an age where cigarette smoking in films can risk an R rating, lawmakers on all levels have gone into overdrive in order to protect kids from something that is responsible for a big chunk of tax revenue. It is almost as if these states are intentionally making people aware that a behavior is "taboo" in order to make it seem more "cool" or "rebellious." Otherwise, they would just outlaw the sale of tobacco products.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: As we all know, telling kids that you aren't allowed to have something, or to do something, is the perfect way to keep them from learning about it behind your back.