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December 27, 2012:
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Fear That Candy Cigs Desensitize Children

When Candy Cigarettes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Candy Cigarettes.

In Saudi Arabia, you can't buy candy cigarettes. Also, you can't get them in Ireland or Norway. There are no reports as to whether people try smuggling them in, and so far there aren't any episodes of Locked Up Abroad where an enterprising smuggler tries to get candy smokes past the customs agents in Finland. In the United States, local municipalities have been the ones to ban the faux smokes, though some places like Chicago have gone the other way and allowed the candies. While it may not be a big deal to find out that vintage candies are being outlawed, this is usually a good barometer for how your government feels about its citizens. Nanny-state aficionados spend their time passing a minefield of ordinances with minor violations and fines. At some point, operating a business in the area becomes impossible for the independent entrepreneur, so local proprietors go out of business and find themselves replaced by big chain stores, at which point the shortsighted local officials cry about the Big Box store being located just outside of city limits, where stupid and obstructive laws don't hold sway.

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Special note: These things weren't exactly the best tasting candies on the shelf anyway, but banning them has made people want them even more. Personally, the bubble gum cigar, which was given to kids to celebrate the birth of a child, was a more flavorful confection.